Business Strategy

SNC-Lavalin's strategy contains three pillars, which are designed to work together to enhance performance on multiple levels and across the organization. They are:

1. Growth Platforms


Oil & Gas Mining & Metallurgy
Transformational growth for scale and capability to compete in high-value sectors Growth to solidify tier 1 status and position for long-term profitability
  • Large projects
  • Demanding but high-quality clients
  • Good margins in the right subsectors
  • Moderate cyclicality
  • Build delivery and know-how strength
  • Upstream and midstream focus
  • Benefits are only available at scale or in specialist roles
  • Can build from good existing platform
  • Attributes similar to Oil & Gas
  • We have the scale but can do more
  • Deeper cyclicality on both ends


Global Resources


Clean Power Infrastructure 
Focus on high growth and margin subsectors; build on broad strengths, especially in North America Focus on growing transportation sector in North America; leverage P3 and transit experience
  • Strong and mature position in all key sectors
  • T&D: strong demand and margins to serve renewable market
  • Nuclear: high entry barriers with good sustaining capital business and few but major upsides
  • Hydro and renewable power: market leader in Canada with global capability
  • Potential benefits from coal to gas conversion with good US position
  • Centred on major, complex projects or groups of projects
  • P3 competitive advantage
  • Leadership position in P3 transit systems – global opportunity
  • Strong capability in airports, ports, major bridges and highways
  • Key synergies with other markets
  • Opportunistic high-tech vertical capability




ICI Project Finance Services Packages / EPC O&M and Sustaining Services
  • Key growth and financial stability enabler
  • Improve deal flow and active management
  • Area of core historical strength for the firm
  • Key to our growth trajectory
  • Increase as a percentage of total revenues
  • Build on existing engineering excellence
  • Reposition for increased project and technical complexity for margin improvement
  • Improve “front-end” and process capability
  • Remain a key element of the business
  • Leverage packages to access key sectors of focus, e.g. in-situ oil sands, Infrastructure, etc.
  • Proactively manage portfolio risk through tight governance mechanisms
  • Constitute a key growth and strategic lever in areas of E&C
  • Pursue services with technical complexity in O&G, Mining, Nuclear and Transport
  • Target full scope, e.g. capital asset management, operations, maintenance, commissioning, and training

2. Growth enablers

Efficient operating model  World-class project execution  Talent development and retention
  • Ethics & Governance 
  • One Company / Globalization Relentless 
  • SG&A Efficiency 
  • Actively Managed Risk
  • Client Service 
  • Relentless Commitment to H&S
  • High Value and Cost / Schedule Efficiency
  • Consistent Quality in Delivery
  • Leadership Development & Recruitment
  • Employee Engagement
  • Training & Development
  • Supporting Systems & Tools

3. Enhanced Management of Capital Investments

SNC-Lavalin continues to reinforce its Capital investment business, historically a source of project work for the E&C units, as well as a significant contributor to its earnings. Capital investments are an important element of building a successful E&C company. SNC-Lavalin aims to leverage its returns by developing P3 infrastructure projects, as well as structuring and financing projects involving its Oil & Gas, Mining & Metallurgy and Power sectors. Going forward, SNC-Lavalin will employ an ever-more balanced approach to managing its portfolio of assets, which includes exiting investments at maturity unless strategic considerations justify otherwise. SNC-Lavalin is actively looking at potentially divesting non-core Capital investment assets. The Company will also seek financing solutions and partnering opportunities to unlock value as it proactively manages its portfolio.

As SNC-Lavalin identifies new opportunities and potential strategic partners, it will continue to prioritize greenfield (newbuild) Capital investments that it believes should provide its engineering, construction and operations and maintenance units with significant project opportunities. Brownfield (existing) Capital investments will be considered mainly as a means of extending SNC-Lavalin’s investment activities into new markets and providing an additional platform for E&C opportunities.

The Americas will continue to be the key geographical focus for major Capital investments and public-private partnerships.