Immersive visualization technology

The real world. Virtually enhanced.

Imagine a world where you can experience your physical asset before it’s even built. A world where you can have your operators trained and ready to work before completion. And a world where your decommissioning activities happen right the first time.

This is no longer a thing of imagination. All this, and more, is now possible with our application of augmented and virtual reality technologies across the entire asset lifecycle. Please  revisit this page as we will be adding new content over coming weeks. 

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The true reality: Whether to go augmented or virtual?

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Perhaps sensibly, it’s not a widely known fact that I am on level 32 of Pokémon Go.  In fact, I’ve caught 293 out of the 376 Pokémon available, evolved no less than 2 Magikarp’s, and have over 3 million XP at the time of writing.  And at an age far greater than this should be acceptable, for some unknown reason, I am still attempting to catch small cartoon characters with red and white coloured circles. 

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Demystifying the digital twin

Friday, September 28, 2018

I’m a rock climber.  After my wife and kids, climbing is my passion.  Of course, there are inherent risks to climbing (as to anything in life), so I try to manage and mitigate those risks as best I can. And managing risk is all about information. 

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pod_thumbnail_dhImmersive visualisation technology – The Podcast

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

In this latest #BeyondEngineering podcast SNC-Lavalin’s very own experts discuss the future of immersive visualization technology, and why it’s never too late to use augmented and virtual reality in all your projects.

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