Information Systems

Information Systems

In line with the growth of the cost effectiveness of computing, Information Systems are playing a larger role in not only the running of a modern railway but also its optimization. Modern systems now need to have architecture capable of carrying the large amounts of data required, whilst keeping this information secure from the increasing threat of cyber security. SNC-Lavalin has experience in engineering, developing, installing, project managing and testing and commissioning information systems that meet these criteria.

Communication with and for the passenger is becoming more prevalent in many areas. Station and on board Wi-Fi systems allow for enhanced passenger tracking whilst increasing the customer experience. Our resources have developed proprietary Public Address (PA) and Real-Time Passenger Information Systems (RTPIS) as well as working on the development and installation of Wi-Fi systems.

Information systems can be used to provide information and use the information to provide constructive feedback. Efficiency is a key requirement in the modern age and systems such as SNC-Lavalin’s Driver Advisory System (DAS) and Timetable Advisory System (TAS) provide the necessary feedback to allow for the most efficient driving and running of your service.

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