Clean Power

Intelligent networks & cybersecurity

Leading the digital utility transformation

The migration to the digital utility is driven by trends such as advanced metering infrastructure, micro grids, network interconnectivity and evolving customer expectations. Cybersecurity, equipment interoperability (IEC-61850), intelligent network deployment and IT/OT convergence are major challenges on the road ahead.

The digitalization of utilities promises to optimize the supply and demand of electricity, manages the increasing number of renewable sources, transition to predictive equipment maintenance and improves the end-user experience. Furthermore, the large volumes of data generated combined with predictive analytics allow utilities to improve performance. 

Turning challenges into opportunities

The digital utility transformation comes with many challenges and cybersecurity is near the top of the list. Other issues such as the deployment of intelligent networks, interoperability between legacy systems and IoT devices, IT/OT convergence, equipment standardization and compliance all need to be addressed before the benefits can be achieved. Addressing these challenges requires capital investments, however if done correctly this can be offset by significant reductions in operational expenses as highlighted in our white paper, The Business Case for the Digital Transformation of Power Utilities

End-to-end expertise

Our Intelligent Networks and Cybersecurity team partners with utilities to accomplish digitalization and grid modernization projects. Our in-house multi-disciplinary team includes:

  • System planning experts, 
  • Engineers specializing in telecommunications, networking and operational technology, and
  • Experts specializing in information technology, physical security and cybersecurity.

Our unique combination of knowledge helps develop effective and proactive long-term strategies to modernize your grid.