We have been present in Europe for over 40 years, through operations in our three primary markets and business sectors—resources, infrastructure and power—offering the full spectrum of our expertise to create lasting value for our clients. 

Our oil and gas team in the UK is currently working on its ninth consecutive jacket in the offshore sector at the Cygnus gas field in the North Sea. In France, the Carpe Diem Tower and the Puy de Dôme cog-railway system attest to our team’s expertise in designing outstanding green infrastructure. We also currently manage 16 airports throughout the country.

At the Cernavodă nuclear station in Romania, we are installing reactor containment filtered venting systems as part of an industry-wide strategy to upgrade nuclear plant safety. In Serbia, our work at the RTB Bor copper mine and smelting complex will allow the complex to use less fossil fuel while capturing 98% of the sulphur from the smelter’s SO2 emissions.

In Europe our aim is to build upon our key success in our three markets and develop a sustainable level activity in certain key countries in the region. 

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