CANDU reactors have been powering the world with natural uranium (NU) for over 60 years. The CANDU reactor is the leader in NU technology on the market today. 

Our latest reactor designs are compliant with Generation III and post-Fukushima safety standards, including improved fuel technology, enhanced safety features and waste reduction. 

Our Generation III Family 

Enhanced CANDU 6

Our Enhanced CANDU 6® (EC6®) reactor is delivered with zero radioactive liquid emission technology and produces very little carbon dioxide or other emissions. When displacing traditional coal-fired power plants, a twin unit CANDU station saves 13 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, or 6 million tonnes when displacing natural gas

Advanced Fuel CANDU Reactor

Built on decades of CANDU® reactor success, our Advanced Fuel CANDU Reactor (AFCR™) continues the tradition of providing safe, sustainable and large-scale development of nuclear power.

Our AFCR is optimized to run on recycled uranium-based fuel from light water reactors (LWRs) as well as thorium based fuel. This improves uranium utilization rates and fuel diversification. Like its predecessor, the AFCR uses on-power refuelling to enable unique flexibility in fuel replenishment.

In September 2015, the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) and SNC-Lavalin agreed to pursue a joint development program to further the AFCR design for future applications. The program will focus on advancing the AFCR design with respect to safety and licensing, physics, fuel, reactor core, fuel handling, heat transport systems, process, civil, passive safety features, instrumentation and control engineering. 


CANMOX is one of our innovative, radioactive waste management solutions. We can safely and successfully convert waste – separated plutonium stockpile - to use in a CANDU reactor to create low-carbon, clean power for the next 60 years.

We developed our CANMOX™ solution following a request from the United Kingdom’s Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). As home to the world’s largest stockpile of civil plutonium, the UK needed an innovative solution to reuse or dispose of their radioactive waste.  

In 2014, the CANMOX solution was shortlisted as one of three credible options for reuse.

Advanced CANDU Reactor

Our Advanced CANDU Reactor® (ACR-1000®) is an evolutionary, 1200 MWe class heavy water reactor, designed to meet industry and public expectations for safe, reliable, environmentally friendly and low-cost nuclear generation.

The ACR-1000 development program has been completed to the point that the design is ready for bidding or for discussion with interested utilities.