In Colombia, SNC-Lavalin is working hand in hand with local producers and agricultural associations to design irrigation projects that will benefit more than 3,000 families.

In 2014, we began working with small farmers and water user associations in Colombia to develop sustainable and equitable irrigation schemes through a government program managed by FINAGRO. We evaluated the designs of 22 small-scale irrigation projects for technical, environmental, social and economic viability, and are now supervising construction.

All project partners have the same goal: to create projects that are effective and profitable, and that guarantee sustainable agricultural development in the rural communities affected. That’s why our approach involves studying a broad range of variables, including land suitability, local agro-climate, production potential, social factors, costs and risks.

We’re also providing a full range of services to make sure that the community is involved. Public participation and farmer empowerment are key to the project’s success.

 Sustainability achievements:
  • We assessed the viability of 22 small-scale irrigation projects, taking into account technical, environmental, social and economic factors.
  • Participatory forums for farmers and agricultural associations are key to the project’s success.
  • We’re ensuring that water resources are used as effectively as possible to benefit 3,000 families in Colombia.

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