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Why SNC-Lavalin?

  • Best-in-class cryogenic facility design
  • Industry-leading technical expertise
  • Turnkey installation
  • Standard, proven plant designs
  • Skid-mounted assembly
  • One of the best safety records in our sector

SNC-Lavalin Cryogenic Processing Plant

In an economy that places a higher value on natural gas liquids (NGL) than on natural gas, producers can increase their profits by maximizing NGL recovery.

Amine Treating

Amine treating removes corrosive hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) from natural gas and NGLs. The unit is skid-mounted and self-contained to minimize environmental impact. We also offer proprietary solvents that can provide better performance at a lower circulation rate, in addition to standard solvents.

Molecular Sieve

The molecular sieve dehydration system ensures that the incoming gas is completely free of water vapor. We provide standard systems and sizes, as well as larger sieve beds, reducing potential breakthrough issues and improving plant performance and reliability.


Mechanical Refrigeration Units (MRU) chill gas streams to recover NGLs for stabilization. We have implemented unique designs that provide less pressure drop in the unit, meaning lower HP needed on the recompression end.

Demethanizer and Surge Tank

The gas and liquid streams flow through a demethanizer column for NGL fractionation to achieve the desired product mix. Our designs are industry standard.

Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers

The dry gas flows through a series of brazed aluminum heat exchangers for pre-cooling. A cold separator extracts any liquid hydrocarbons that condense. We mount our heat exchanger on the outboard side for ease of installation, access and maintenance, instead of installing on a skid.

Turbo Expander

The pre-cooled gas is expanded across a turbine wheel. The resulting pressure reduction cools the gas to approximately
-150°F. The turbo-expander is installed as a skid package and is mounted on the outboard side for ease of installation, access and maintenance.