Increasing our investment and asset management activities

Introducing Capital, SNC-Lavalin’s investment and asset management arm. It leverages our extensive experience in developing projects, arranging financing, investing equity, undertaking complex financial modelling and managing our infrastructure investments for optimal returns.

Investing across four sectors

With Capital, we’re broadening our business development and investment opportunities while reducing our exposure and risk through strategic collaboration with financial partners. Capital incorporates our investments in infrastructure concessions and increases our investment activities across our four sectors:

  • Infrastructure
  • Mining & Metallurgy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power

Integrated and proactive 

Our Capital experts work internally across each of these sectors and externally with strategic partners to proactively develop new business and investment opportunities. Capital integrates and expands our full life cycle asset management capabilities. It also reinforces our global reputation as a partner of choice for large, complex projects such as our highly successful public-private partnerships (PPPs) in Canada.

Focused on value

Capital strategically monetizes our assets to maximize return on equity for SNC-Lavalin. It seeks to generate enhanced value by securing new projects in our four sectors and, thus, optimizing their life cycle. It also strengthens our focus on first-class asset management and on structuring investments to earn a return on capital in line with each project’s risk profile.

New financing solutions

Through Capital, we provide access to new sources of development funding and equity by creating investment funds and establishing strategic alliances with a select group of financial partners. Our cross-sector project financing teams target projects that will grow revenue from our engineering, construction, and operations and maintenance activities.

End-to-end capital investment services

Our extensive investment capabilities are a key competitive differentiator. Capital enables us to leverage this differentiator and offer the full spectrum of capital investment services globally across our strategic sectors. These services include:

  • Investment development – Working with the four sector teams to develop projects and country/region-specific strategies as well as identify, assess and create development and equity investment opportunities
  • Investment management – Developing value-enhancing portfolio management strategies, building relationships with external funders, assessing potential financial partners, and providing sustainable financing and contractual structures
  • Financial assessment – Providing long-term forecasts and state-of-the-art financial modelling services, developing optimal financing solutions for new and existing deals, and helping model and simulate calculations for credit facilities and the return on investment
  • Asset management – Developing and deploying full life cycle asset management systems and processes, overseeing project progress (including their operations and maintenance) and asset performance, devising strategies to improve returns and fostering productive stakeholder relationships

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