Canada Line: an outstanding project from end to end

A Pair of Firsts

In 2005, SNC-Lavalin was awarded a contract to partially finance, design, build, operate and maintain  the 19.5-kilometre Canada Line LRT, one of the largest infrastructure undertakings in British Columbia’s history. The LRT was the first major rapid rail project undertaken in the country under a public-private partnership (P3) model. It was also the first rapid mass transit system in Canada to link the downtown core of a major city with an international airport. 

Ahead Of Time and On-Budget Delivery

SNC-Lavalin’s integrated approach to managing the complete project life cycle encouraged communication and collaboration between the equity provider, designer, constructor and operations and maintenance team. In all, more than 400 design, supply and construction contracts were efficiently managed and coordinated in this way. Thanks to this integrated approach, SNC-Lavalin met an aggressive 51-month project schedule, with construction ending some 110 days ahead of the deadline. 

A Sustainable Solution for a Green Province

In service since 2009, the 19.5-kilometre line carries millions of visitors and residents each year, reducing commute times and ferrying tourists and business travellers quickly and efficiently to their destinations. The LRT accomplishes this by providing additional transportation capacity (equivalent to 10 lanes of commuter traffic) in a densely-populated, highly developed and busy urban corridor. Not only does the line contribute significantly to improving the flow of traffic around the city with all the positive economic effects that entails; it also takes thousands of cars off the road, eliminating 16,800 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

120,000 Satisfied Customers a Day...and Counting

Today, the Canada Line has an average weekday ridership of 120,000 passengers, surpassing original ridership estimates for this period. SNC-Lavalin is responsible for the day-to-day operations and maintenance of all physical assets related to the rail line, including the tunnels, trains, tracks, and operations and maintenance centre. Running at an average availability rate of 99.8 percent, the Canada Line’s customer satisfaction rating is 84 percent and growing steadily.

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