Assurance, Certification, and Safety

Assurance, Certification, and Safety

Effective assurance and safety management is fundamental to a safe and reliable railway. SNC-Lavalin supports rail businesses and organizations (large and small) around the world with a full suite of assurance services from strategic advice and guidance, to the performance of detailed assessments that meet regulatory needs. SNC-Lavalin’s services cover all parts of the railway system, their operation, maintenance and management.

Applying its extensive expertise, SNC-Lavalin advises and supports clients on the identification and achievement of regulatory requirements, using effective management to deliver the necessary project assurance, certification and safety activities.This expertise extends to the development and implementation of safety management systems for operators, maintainers and suppliers to the industry, defining the means for controlling safety within their respective scopes of activity. It covers rolling stock, control-command and signaling, infrastructure and energy subsystems in addition to system operation.

Our comprehensive understanding of international industry requirements and best practice enables us to undertake a range of independent review and verification activities to assess adequacy and compliance. These wide-ranging independent verification/validation and independent safety assessment activities include the specific European roles of Notified Body and Designated Body services under the requirements of the Interoperability Directive, and Assessment Body under the common safety method on risk evaluation and assessment.The activities also extend to assessment of compliance with management processes through risk-based auditing programs, product and process audit and inspection services, and asset condition surveys.

The knowledge and expertise within SNC-Lavalin’s worldwide network of offices gives our clients unparalleled access to people with an understanding of railway safety, its management, and achievement of the associated regulatory requirements across the globe.

On-Track Plant and Machines

SNC-Lavalin’s technical, assurance and management expertise extends to cover all types of engineering vehicles (commonly known as ‘yellow machines’), from possession-only road-rail vehicles and rail-mounted maintenance machines, toon-track machines that are also permitted to access the operational mainline.

We use our global knowledge and experience to support our clients in the safe, effective and efficient introduction and management of the full range of yellow machines.

This support covers the full machine lifecycle including:

  • New machine procurement, including specification development and supplier assessment/selection
  • Technical services including development of detailed design, project management and specialist engineering support for assessment and resolution of issues arising during construction or operation
  • Assurance services to facilitate the introduction of machines into service in accordance with regulatory and industry processes, and in support of stakeholders safety management obligations; services include independent verification for certification of standards compliance, the performance of risk assessments, audit or inspection of construction, and witnessing of test activities
  • Operational and maintenance management

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