About Us

A history of value creation

SNC-Lavalin is one of the world’s premier engineering and construction companies with a history of contributions stretching back well over a century. 


Our company was founded by Arthur Surveyer in 1911 following a distinguished career in the Canadian Department of Public Works. Surveyer was driven by a passion for providing high-quality technical studies and objective expert counsel. It was this commitment to creating value though rigour and hard work that made his firm one of Montreal’s leading engineering service providers for power projects by the early 1920s.

In the decades that followed, Surveyer’s firm became known as SNC and expanded into the oil and gas, mining and metallurgy and infrastructure sectors. In the process, SNC played a pivotal role in building the power plants and industrial facilities that drove Canada’s transformation into one of the world’s leading producers of natural resources.


A merger with Canadian engineering giant Lavalin in 1991 created SNC-Lavalin, the country’s largest engineering and construction company and one of the top firms in the world. A second major acquisition in 2014, the purchase of leading global oil and gas services provider, Kentz Corporation, has now made SNC-Lavalin one of the top broad-based global engineering and construction firms in the world. Today, we proudly continue in Surveyor’s tradition of value creation by providing the highest quality end-to-end project solutions to clients in the resources, power and infrastructure sectors.