Tier-1 Engineering and
Construction Solutions Delivered
Across Four Key Markets

Numbers That Speak
for Themselves

Protecting People


person-hours attained without a
lost-time incident on the EMAL II
aluminum project in Abu Dhabi.

Healing the Planet


litres of hydrocarbons extracted
from the water table at 5-Wing
Goose Bay in Newfoundland.

Enhancing Healthcare


American football fields of new
hospital space being designed
and built in Canada.

Moving People


citizens in southwest Calgary now
have improved mobility thanks to
our Calgary West LRT project.

Supporting Clients


years of sustaining capital work
for ExxonMobil at their
Baytown facility in Texas

Powering the World


megawatts of power
experience since 1911.

Offices in Over 50 Countries

39,000 employees

End-to-End Project Services Solutions

World Wide